Accutron Instruments

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Accutron Instruments

Mine Ventilation Monitoring Specialists

Accutron manufactures premium industrial products for measuring airflow, gas levels, climate conditions, dust levels and much more. Mine ventilation optimization starts with reliable and accurate measurements from Accutron technology. These robust systems are designed for the harsh, dirty conditions of underground mining and tunnel environments.


Environmental Sensors – FLOWTRAXäUltrasonic Airflow Monitor, CLIMATRAXä Multivariable Environmental Monitor, MAQSä Mine Air Quality Station, ACC ADP Differential Low Pressure, ACC MDP Differential Pressure Sensors


Communications & Control – COMMTRAXä Modbus RTU to TCP/IP Sensor Protocol Converter, I/O TRAXä Digital & Analog I/O Module, AMCS Accutron Mine Communication System


Gas, Dust & DPM Sensors – GASTRAXä Intelligent Dual Gas Sensor, MineCOä Dual Range Gas Sensor, SENTRO 1 Universal Gas Detector, SENTRO 8 Eight-channel Sensor, AIRXDä Dust Monitoring, Pinssar DPM Diesel Particulate Monitor


Other Solutions – ILR Laser Narrow Beam Laser Range Finder, MINICALä Gas Detector Calibration, Industrial Solutions

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