Topvu Tracking & Asset Monitoring

TopVu going above and below
TopVu tracking & asset monitoring

Mine Supply Company is proud to be the regional distributor of this quality Canadian tracking and asset monitoring system. TopVu creates customized RFID solutions to promote productivity, safety and accountability in the workplace. TopVu’s combination of innovate, top-quality hardware and software geared toward increasing workplace efficiency has delivered excellence to a variety of industries.

  • eTag Board – this smart tagboard can increase efficiencies in safety, production, documentation and mine rescue

  • eTool Dispenser – works in conjunction the the TopVuâ software and RFID tags to control and monitor equipment, tools, etc. helping to lower costs associated with lost or damaged equipment

  • RFID Dual Readers – use active WiFi and passive RFID technology to detect personnel, equipment and material

  • Portable Readers – portable RFID scanning and detection tool perfect for inventory management

  • Passive RFID Tags – no batteries to manage; no maintenance required; up to 100 ft

  • OreTag & Ore Tracking – detect the ore’s origin and monitor ore flow based on time stamps

  • Tracking & Location Services – find personnel, equipment and material; get real-time and historical reports; monitor ramp traffic and analyze haulage

  • TopVu Software & Integration – a user-friendly interface provides clients with a complete view of the work space enabling location identification from anywhere on a network 

  • Custom RFID Solutions

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