ABC Ventilation Systems

Leaders in Mine and Tunnel Ventilation

ABC Ventilation Systems

ABC Ventilation Systems is a vertically-integrated manufacturer of flexible and semi-rigid polymer products and air distribution systems for mine and tunnel ventilation. The company’s commitment to quality and working with clients to develop the most efficient solutions has made ABC a trusted world leader in the field. These premium ventilation system products are manufactured in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Mine Supply Company has been with ABC since its very first Canadian beginnings in the 1970s. Working together with clients, this legacy relationship has led to the development of numerous innovations designed specifically for the region’s mines. We continue to work together with ABC to address our clients’ complex operating needs.

ABC Ventilation Systems

Flexline Performance Ducting – Flexible ducting manufactured for mining and tunnel ventilation.

  • Flexline Minevent – High pressure ventilation ducting for positive airflow.

  • Flexline Twinduct – Ovaled chamber ducting for positive ventilation. Designed to maximize headroom in tunnel by 25%.

  • Flexline Mineduct – Round spiral wire reinforced ventilation ducting for positive and negative airflow.

  • Flexline Accessories – Smooth radius Elbows, Laterals, Wyes, Tees, Adapters and Transition accessories available. ABC zipper-repair sleeves and patching repair kits available.

Hardline Performance Ducting – Semi-rigid polymer ducting manufactured for mine and tunnel ventilation.

  • Hardline Max – High pressure round ventilation ducting for positive and negative airflow.

  • Hardline Oval – Ellipse shaped to maximize headroom for height restrictions.

  • Hardline Accessories – Dampers, Elbows, Laterals, Wyes, Tees, Adapters and Transition accessories.

 Ventilation Control Solutions – Underground ventilation control, stopping systems and safety solutions. 

  • Line-Brattice & Curtains – high-strength PVC fabrics and polyethylene cloth; custom designs and sizes.

  • Inflatable Solutions – High-strength inflatable stoppings, custom-engineered barriers and seals in a range of sizes. Can be rapidly deployed to restrict ventilation, dust, fumes and smoke.

  • Shaft Plugging Systems – Patented inflatable Overhead Protection Systems (OPS). Customized and engineered solutions to protect your workforce.

  • Fresh Air Stations – 1 to 8-man portable refuge tents.

Ventilation Fan Systems – Mine and tunnel air mover and Deduster systems.

  • ABC Fans & Silencers – Axial and Vane Axial fans designed by world leading aerodynamic fan specialists to meet the most demanding mine and tunnel ventilation applications. Certified ISO 9001.

  • Pneumatic Air Movers – Designed for short term ventilation using mine air.

  • Deduster Sytems – Fixed and portable dedusting systems customized for each project to achieve specific regulatory air quality targets.

  • Cassette Storage System – FlexLine Performance Ducting Storage Cassettes that can be integrated with Tunnel Boring and Roadheader machines.

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