Kennamental Earth Cutting Tools

Underground Mining Solutions 


Ever since the first tungsten-titanium carbide alloy was developed for cutting tools, which lead to a breakthrough in machining steel, Kennametal has been a pioneer in expanding the utilization of tungsten carbide alloys in the metalworking industry. Continued innovation and diversification allowed Kennametal to explore uses of tungsten carbide in the mining industry, which led to the development of the first continuous mining machine. Since then Kennametal has been advancing technology and innovation in the mining industry for over 70 years, providing not only cutting solutions, but also using the toughness and wear resistance of the carbide alloys for use in other high wear applications.

As an Authorized Distributor of Kennametal Mining Tools, Mine Supply Company is proud to utilize the knowledge and experience of Kennametal experts, who work directly at the mine face in order to solve problems and increase productivity for many of our local mining clients.

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