CAB Products

Based out of Ebensburg, Pennsylvania, the Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped (CAB) manufactures a wide and innovative range of high quality products while also providing a safe, supportive workplace for employees with severe disabilities.  

CAB Hangers have a thick, high dielectric grade coating for added safety and protection of cables. The high visibility orange coating is tough, durable and flame retardant.

CAB products include:

  • Cab Cable Clips

  • Brattice Hangers

  • U-Hangers with Crossbars

  • Bosserman Clips

  • Telewire Hooks

  • Multi-Carrier Telewire Hooks

  • Leaky Feeder Hux Hangers

  • Rope Hangers

  • J-Hooks

  • S-Hooks

  • Workhorse Hangers

  • Heavy-Duty Hangers

  • Webbing Belts, Straps & Hangers

  • Vent Tube Hangers

  • Lifeline Hangers

  • Cable Rings & Saddles

  • Cable Pullers

  • Lifeline

  • High Visibility Reflective Tubes

  • High Visibility Reflective Streamers

  • High Visibility Clip-On Markers

  • High Visibility Bags, Pouches and Holders

  • Rescue Tag Line

  • High Visibility Safety Apparel

  • Reflective Pipe and Cable Covers

  • Longwall Gators


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